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the artist statement

we ARE

The title of my current exhibition “we ARE” is the representation of our collective society and conveys the beauty in every individual.  It illustrates the space we are all entitled to in the opening line of the constitution, “We the people….” 


My work continues to be a celebration of diversity, self-love, and changing people’s perceptions. The portraits are personal, with the creative decisions based on my conversations with each subject filtered through my artistic lens as a highly sensitive, intuitive empath.  I asked what has impacted them most in their lives— seeking to understand how people are shaped by their experiences and the skills they learned to cope without focusing on any particular knowledge or trauma. The discussions varied on race, sexual orientation, and being transgender, among other intersectional subjects. I focused on the hope and growth from their learnings, and in doing so, put a voice to the face. 


The portraits resemble quilts with geometric patterns inspired by the tiled walls of the Bishop Arts area of Dallas and, of course, stitching. The stitching detail has been elevated in this work and one can see the DNA from my fashion merchandising background.  There is greater attention to detail and precision in the stitching which creates an architecture seen in the finished portrait resembling a Couture garment.  The quilting reference, symbolic of our American patchwork of cultures, all of which delineate the hard-worn scars of our histories and the healing within. Quilting for me is as kinetic as a visual manifestation of this tension.  My first memories of quilting began weaving through my childhood thanks to my Grandmother’s and great-aunts’ ritual union with fabrics on our family farm.


QR codes will be available throughout the exhibition and I encourage the audience to bring EarPods to fully engage with the work.  “Now more than ever is a time to listen to each other to build better understanding and find empathy. Representation is important, and this exhibition is a representation of my community.”

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