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photo by Hal Samples


Joey Brock is a Contemporary Mixed  Media Artist, who is redefining the medium of photography, textile art and contemporary craft with his intricate and cultural commentary work aimed to break the stigma around sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, age and mental wellness. Brock's work looks inwardly into the subject matter and his community. The muses in his artwork represent people from the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities. 

Brock earned his degree in Fashion Merchandising from Bauder College in 1988. His work has been exhibited nationally at venues including the Bradbury Art Museum, Arkansas State University, The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts / LHUCA, The Delaware Contemporary, the Meadows Gallery – University of Texas at Tyler, AMoA Amarillo Museum of Art Biennial 600 and Northpark Center in Dallas as well as numerous solo and group exhibitions at galleries across the nation. In 2022 his work was selected by Lauren R. O’Connell, curator of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art for New American Paintings, Issue 156. In addition, his work has been featured twice on the digital billboard of the Pendry West Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. Brock is represented by On Center Gallery, Provincetown, MA and Von Lintel Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.  He currently lives in Dallas, Texas. 

Artist Statement

As a mixed media artist, I strive to create unique and thought-provoking pieces that blur the lines between photography, textile, and contemporary craft. My goal is to create visual narratives that explore the complex relationships between people and places, to challenge the viewer to question their own perceptions of the world around them.


Through my work, I seek to promote a deeper understanding of the beauty and intricacies of our world, while also exploring the darker themes that exist beneath the surface. From the personal to the political, the stories I weave within my pieces are intended to engage the viewer emotionally and intellectually, creating a visceral connection that lingers long after the initial encounter.


As an artist, I am passionate about telling the stories of individuals from diverse communities. My art is rooted in personal interviews with those from the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities, which form the foundation for my photography-based portraits. I consider my work to be deconstructed contemporary portraits that are meant to challenge and confront traditional ideas of beauty and identity.


Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, from photography to geometric patterns and textures, I experiment with a range of materials and techniques, incorporating everything from embroidery thread, alternative materials to digital printing and layering. 


The process of creating my art is labor-intensive, as I incorporate hand-stitched and craft media techniques, drawing on the rich history of quilting in America. Stitching is an integral part of my work and the viewer can see the DNA from my fashion merchandising background.  The quilting reference, symbolic of our American patchwork of cultures, all of which delineate the hard-worn scars of our histories and the healing within. Quilting for me is as kinetic as a visual manifestation of this tension.  My first memories of quilting began weaving through my childhood thanks to my Grandmother’s and great-aunts’ ritual union with fabrics on our family farm.  By utilizing these techniques, I seek to imbue each piece with a sense of warmth and humanity, as well as to signify the importance of often-overlooked artistic traditions.


My art aims to celebrate the beauty and strength of individuals who have been historically marginalized by society. Through my work, I hope to create a space for diverse voices and experiences to be seen and heard, as well as to inspire empathy and connection among the viewers.

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